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Shred Defective Bank Cards - Never Give Them Back



A senior recently received a phone call from a person claiming to work at her bank. The caller ID showed the name of the bank so she assumed that she was speaking to a bank employee. The caller asked if her debit card had a chip. She replied yes. The caller asked her the color and design of her card. When she described it, she was told that her card was part of a defective batch.  The caller said that the bank would send an employee to collect the card.They then asked for her pin number so they could test the card.


A few days later, her bank account was empty and the bank had no record of the call. The scammer had used a special software called spoofing software to have the banks name show up on the caller ID. The senior did not know that banks will never call and ask for personal information, such as pin number. Banks can deactivate a debit card from their computers and do not need to retrieve the card. If a person needs to dispose of a card, they need to call the bank to deactivate it and then cut up or shred the plastic card. Banks will not send an employee to a customer’s home.  Instead they will ask the person to come to the nearest branch.


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