2017 New Benefit Perk for Employees and their Family Members



Teladoc gives you 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified doctors through the convienience of phone or video consults. It's an affordable alternative to costly care and ER visits when you need care now.


Employee Testamonials:

  • My experience with Teladoc has been exceptional every time. With being a full time employee and student. My time is limited to go into a dr’s office. I’ve received a call back from the physician within 15 minutes of the initial call. Not one time, have I not gotten a rx, which has made my life a lot easier.


  • Teledoc is a wonderful service provided to staff.  My recent experience proved how fast and efficient the response was.  The doctor I spoke to was professional and personable and I was able to get medication I needed called into the pharmacy within an hour and was able to pick it up the same day.


  • Personally Teladoc has been a life saver, Teledoc is available 24/7 they are always helpful professional prompt and efficient. I highly recommend using Teledoc for minor medical needs that come up unexpectedly such as a cold or flu. I appreciate the service and what it offers me and my family. 


  • After my first diagnosis from a walk-in clinic that I had a sinus infection I was placed on a Z-pack and steroids.  About two days after I was finished with the medication I still was not feeling well and I called Teladoc.  I left a message and they returned my call within minutes.  I explained my symptoms and that I had just finished medication and they said it still sounded like I had an infection.  They prescribed me medication over the phone and even called it into my local pharmacy.  It was very easy using Teladoc and I found it very convenient. 


  • I called Teladoc when I was feeling unwell- I expected a long wait time and to be told to visit my physician. Instead, my call was answered immediately and the doctor was very thorough in asking for symptoms. She advised that she would call in two prescriptions and directed me to my online account where I could see the status of the case. I went online and noticed that she had only called in one prescription. I used the online chat feature and explained the mistake- it was rectified immediately. Teladoc was amazing- saving me time and money!


  • I had such a positive experience with Teladoc. Few weeks back I had the flu so I decided to create my account last minute. I was able to log in and add my medical history within 10 minutes. I selected the request to be contacted and received a call from a doctor within the minute of submission. The physician was friendly and kind, addressed my needs and forwarded a prescription to my pharmacy. I was so impressed.  A week after that, my husband got sick and I did the same. We created the account and requested a call and like clockwork, they called back within a minute and he was taken care of. My family appreciates the program, it was efficient and convenient. Thank you! J


  • I didn’t think that I would need to use Teladoc so of course I did not register in time. Last week I was sick and was not able to get to my doctor, he was closed.  I did not know what I was going to do and was worried I would need to go to an urgent care clinic. Then I remembered Teladoc and figured I would give it a try.  The young lady who took my call was extremely kind and within minutes I got a call from a physician who prescribed me antibiotics, thankfully the next day I was able to get to work since I felt well enough. The initial call did take 30 minutes since I had to register so I definitely recommend doing it online.  Other than that it was an amazing service and I’m thankful we get it for free. 


  • Just wanted to say thank you for the Teladoc service that the Agency is providing. When you first rolled out the service, I wasn’t sure if I’d use it, because I really like my PCP, and prefer seeing her in person to visiting other places when I’m sick. But I used the Teledoc service this past week, because my PCP was unavailable to see me for two days- and I didn’t want to pay 80$ to visit urgent care for a cold. The Teladoc service saw me without any wait time, in the comfort of my pajamas, in my living room,  and confirmed that I didn’t need an antibiotic. They asked me  to check back on Monday if I was still sick  and gave me a few recommendations for over- the-counter medications to use, and refilled a needed prescription. I feel a lot better after taking the Teledoc’s advice, and I had a 0$ copay. (Thanks for that!) I will definitely use them again.
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