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On October 2, 2014, Joe, my love of 22 years passed away. Thanks to my employer, Your Aging and Disability Resource Center, from the time he was diagnosed with cancer until his last day, I was able to spend each day with him. And I was paid in full the whole 4+ months!! After using all my annual leave and all my sick leave, I requested donated time from my peers. This employee policy kept me financially on track during a very difficult and emotional time. The donated sick leave policy has helped many employees over time and shows the wonderful commitment that our employer has for its employees and their families.



Seems the last few years have presented one serious challenge after another. However, I was so very blessed at the same time to be a part of a wonderful caring family – “My place of employment!”

I had exhausted all of my accrued vacation time and sick leave. I worried about finances and even the possibility of losing my job, but none of that ever materialized because our company has an outstanding policy that allows staff to donate some of their accumulated time to those who have depleted theirs. I was so very appreciative to those who selflessly donated their earned time to me.

And, this is just one of the many fine examples of the outstanding benefits we enjoy and share with each other as a giving and caring family. Our senior management team is very focused on “family first and wellness” and it shows. It is a sincere pleasure to be employed with such an outstanding organization. 



After working with the Agency for about a year and a half I had the confidence to ask my supervisor for a recommendation letter to return to school for my MBA. As the first in my family to receive a degree, it seemed a far reach to continue my education beyond a bachelors. However, my supervisor was so encouraging and positive when discussing what returning to school may do for my career. I explained my anxiety about my current student loan debt and that was when she informed me of the agency’s tuition reimbursement. With parameters of passing grades and pre-approval, I worked hard to ensure I applied every semester. I am so thankful for the agency’s help with tuition reimbursement, without it I would not have gone back to school. I am just 3 semesters away from completing my MBA with Florida Atlantic University. The amount of support I have received from my fellow coworkers is unparalleled. I have never in my educational career been a straight A student, but with the support and ease of financial help from the agency I have maintained all A’s for these last 4 semesters!

Thank you AAA for everything you do for each and every one of us, I plan to invest as much in this agency as you have invested in me!



The agency offers opportunities for employee growth, supports growth of other agencies, and the growth of the aging network as a whole.  I just graduated from the Rising Leaders Program, a 6-month intensive personal and professional growth program. Supported by the agency, I joined the professional group Toastmasters to improve my presentation and public speaking skills.   

The agency also offers flexibility with my schedule. This makes scheduling necessary appointments easier.  Everyone here is willing to contribute and are willing to lend a helping hand or listening ear.

Every day I wake up grateful that I am fortunate enough to be a part of such an amazing and forward thinking group that is devoted to making our agency a very special place.  We have a lot of fun times here, we shed tears, and we support each other- and being part of this group and doing the work we do-- means the world to me-I truly feel we are a family.

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