Other Financial Issues



Someone who has lost property or money as the result of a crime may have other financial issues as a result. For example, after fraud or identity theft, someone may find fraudulent accounts in their name and may need to contact the companies to close those accounts and remove any debts. Someone may have trouble paying their bills if a scammer stole a lot of their money.


If you are 60+ years old and experienced a crime, our Elder Rights Center can help you:

  • Check your credit report for fraudulent accounts
  • File complaints with the correct agencies
  • Communicate with creditors or debt collectors
  • Take other steps to help with your situation


Please call us at (561) 684-5885 if you need help recovering from a crime. Check out the resources listed below to get information about other financial issues.




Questions? Need help? Please call (561) 684-5885 and press option 3 to leave a voicemail for our Elder Rights Center. We check our voicemail daily and will respond to you as quickly as possible


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