Phone Scam Public Service Announcement





Below is the video transcription:

Phone scammers cheat seniors out of millions of dollars every year. 911 operators all over the country get calls from seniors stating that they have been scammed or otherwise ripped off.

This video has been made specifically to create awareness about phone scamming. 

Helpful, proactive friends and family members can show this to people who aren’t so comfortable with computers or the internet.

Please sit and watch this video along with your loved ones or those you feel would benefit from this information and then talk about it afterward to emphasize the important points. This just may help keep them safe and from being cheated out of their life savings. 

A phone call can be a delightful way to spend time with friends and family but there are also people out there who want to take advantage of you the phone, especially people who live alone.

Here are some simple ways you can avoid being cheated over the phone.

If you answer the phone and say hello and there is no response, just hang up. It’s most likely someone trying to sell you something, or it’s a phone scam.

If it’s one of your friends or a family member and you hang up on them, they’ll call back and identify themselves. It’s just good manners to say who you are when calling someone, right?

As tempting as it may be to talk to an interesting stranger on the phone try to only talk with people you know and trust.

Please remember, the IRS will never call you directly.  The same applies to anyone saying they are from Windows Computer repair or any other computer company. Hang up immediately! It’s as simple as that. It’s not rude to hang up on a crook.

Never, ever give out personal information on the phone if you’re not sure if a caller is legitimate. Simply, hang up. Companies that really need to get in touch with you will send you a letter in the mail.

The most common scams are the IRS Scam, the Grandparent Scam, the Email scam, The Lottery Scam, the Utility Department scam and the Romance scam.  If you have your doubts, just hang up. These people are crooks and con artists and can NOT be trusted. PERIOD!

Now don’t be afraid to answer the phone.  Most of the time it'll be friends and family checking in on you. Enjoy your conversations with those you trust, and be very WISE when you talk to strangers and never give them your personal information.

Remember, scammers cheat people out of millions of dollars every year. You are NOT a victim. Be proactive. Be smart. Use your common sense. If you’re not sure, just hang up. 

Always know who you are talking to. Don’t get scammed!

This public service message brought to you by your local Area Agency on Aging.


If you have any questions, please call the Area Agency on Aging's toll free Helpline at 866-684-5885 and ask for the Elder Rights Center.

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