Circle of Care


We provide a Circle of Care which promotes

independence, dignity, health and wellbeing

for seniors, adults with disabilities, veterans

and caregivers.


Through each life stage, we provide seniors and adults with disabilities in our community with programs and services that promote their independence, dignity, health and wellbeing.

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For their caregivers, we strive to ease the confusion and anxiety of caring for a loved one in their later years.  


By administering programs supported by local, state and federal funding, along with the generosity of individuals and organizations, we work to improve the quality of life for those whose lives we touch.  




If you are a caregiver looking for information, please visit our Caregiver FAQ's page. 

link to 'Our Storybook' Please view 'Our Storybook' to read stories and letters of actual clients that have been helped by our Helpline.



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