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After an independent report sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service reported Senior Corps volunteers were healthier, less depressed, and less socially isolated after two years of volunteer service, the program staff decided to survey Palm Beach/Treasure Coast Foster Grandparent volunteers to find out if serving as mentors and tutors in their community has improved their quality of life.  Although we did not compare within two years of enrolling in the program we did ask 12 questions which began with the statement: Since becoming a Foster Grandparent…

Ninety-six anonymous volunteers rated 12 questions (1-much worse, 2-worse, 3-no change, 4-its better, 5-much better) with the following results of a rating 4 or 5:


  1. 97 % (93) reported volunteering gave them a sense of accomplishment.
  2. 96 % (92) have a feeling of a purpose in life
  3. 97% (93) feel they have made a positive difference in a child’s life
  4. 97 % (93) look forward to each new day
  5. 98 % (94) gain pleasure from daily activities
  6. 94 % (90) reported a higher self-esteem
  7. 97 % (93) reported better or much better health since volunteering
  8. 96 % (92) have a better sense of well-being
  9. 93 % (89) feel as if someone is looking out for their welfare
  10. 88 % (84) feel they have the ability to make ends meet
  11. 95 % believe their overall quality of life is better/much better since becoming a Senior Corps volunteer.
  12. 89 of the 96 volunteers credit any positive changes in quality of life to participation in the program.
  13. 100 % of Foster Grandparents rated overall satisfaction with their volunteer service from somewhat to definitely satisfied.


Here are a few statements made by volunteers on their survey:

  • I love working with the children and the socialization with the other grandparents
  • Some children are in need of my time and patience that a teacher is not always able to give.
  • Every morning I get out of bed and it makes me feel good to know that I can make a difference in a child’s life- I love it!
  • The program has given my life meaning because it says I am still able to help someone, I still care, love all people young, old and with disabilities.
  • It means I am worth a lot by getting up every day to help the children therefore making my community a better place in these troubled times.
  • Our children need a lot of love and help with reading and to stay or move up to grade level. 
  • I look forward to getting up and being around the kids who fulfill my life as an older person. I let the kids know that they have a purpose in life and to help them academically. Letting them know that they are loved and respected.

What we know to be true is at risk, low income, Foster Grandparents Palm Beach / Treasure Coast live happier, healthier lives while making a difference in their communities through Senior Corps volunteering.  We are all grateful.  


If you are interested in volunteering as a Foster Grandparent, please "Click Here" for more information or contact Sara Humphries by email or phone (561) 684-5885 ext. 59232.


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