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 2018 Prime Time nomination for Eulton Spence 



Foster Grandparent Eulton Spence is an inspiration and a resourceful Grandparent who has created a learning environment in which the students feel safe, valued, and students walk away having a feeling of accomplishment and success. His commitment and energy makes him a role model for motivation and hard work. He is devoted to the students, he is always present and ready to make a difference in their lives. His focus is making sure the students receive the best possible service to ensure success. He is never too busy to support the staff or the students. There is not a student or situation too challenging for Mr. Spence, he will find a way to help make the outcome successful. He is a huge asset to our class and is so deserving of this award and recognition.


When Braiden started with Mr. Spence he was just entering school after suffering the tragic loss of his mother to a hit and run accident. It was very difficult for Braiden to communicate with us, he didn't speak very much and he was very withdrawn and academically he couldn't write his name nor identify very few letters; 3 upper letters and 1 lower letter and 0 high frequency words. Every morning he would come in and sit and look around then I introduced him to Grandpa Spence he began to come in and go straight to Grandpa Spence and they would work on his handwriting and letter assignments .Grandpa Spence continued to work with him and always gave him words of encouragement, "Come on you can do it", "keep trying", "good job". Recently I went to the School Based Team Meeting to discuss his progress (I had to complete a packet because he tested so low) and they were so shocked and thrilled to see how much he had progressed. He's is on the upswing and everyday we are continuing to see progress...he is communicating with us very well, he has mastered his letters and sounds and he is excited to see his progress as well and is always showing us his completed assignment especially when he does it himself and look at his handwriting...see below.


When he comes in the door the student's faces light up and they are so happy and ready to report to his table to start learning, me too. Whenever he is absent which has been very few, I feel a void. I see that there is a great need for male Foster Grandparents because the impact that he has had on the students are uplifting. I have seen a rise in not only their grades but positiveness in their behavior also.


When Ta'Darious started he was very active he couldn't focus and the only place that I could put him was with Grandpa Spence. Sometimes Ta'Darious cried because he did not want to sit still and complete his work. Even though he was a challenge for Grandpa Spence, Grandpa Spence did not give up on him but I'm pleased to report that he's actually spending more time at his seat and Grandpa Spence gets to visit him at his seat and he has been progressing as well.


Grandpa Spence is a much needed constant positive in the lives and education of the students. Sometimes they come to school with the simplest of issues and I just simply cannot do everything, and a little mentoring and listening ear fixes their problem. Grandpa Spence is an invaluable addition to our class. The service that Grandpa Spence provides is invaluable.


It is with great pleasure that I respectfully submit this nomination for Grandpa Spence to be awarded the Foster Grandparent Award.



Luna Nelson Posey


Handwriting sample beginning of the year  

Handwriting sample now


Beginning of the year    


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