Foster Grandparent

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The Foster Grandparent Program recruits, trains and places low-income elders in schools, head start centers and day care centers to serve as tutors with special needs children in Pre-K through the Third Grade. Currently there are over 150 grandparents serving in 45 Pre-K and elementary schools through the Third Grade in Martin, Okeechobee and Palm Beach Counties.


The Foster Grandparent Program is funded by

logo: United Way of Palm Beach County      The Foster Grandparent Program is funded by National Community Service, Senior Corps, Childrens's Services Counceillogo: Children's Services Council of Okeechobee County     



picture of a Foster Grandparent volunteer and a teacher

.Stipend available for Volunteers


If you are interested in volunteering as a Foster Grandparent, please "Click Here" for more information or contact Sara Humphries by email or phone (561) 684-5885 ext. 59232.

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Please watch a video from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) 

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