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Lucy was a fantastic addition to Grassy Waters Elementary School. The students in Mrs. Medina's first grade class responded to her warm smile and loving mannerisms. We look forward to working with her in future.
Thank you  ~ Mrs.Benedict

Susie was an excellent volunteer with our school's first grade team at Grassy Waters Elementary. Students responded to Susie's warm smile and loving mannerisms; they looked forward to scheduled visits. We are hopeful that Susie will continue to support our school in years to come.
Thank you for sharing Susie with us, we are a very lucky!  Mrs. Benedict 

This is my first year working with your program and I absolutely LOVE IT! The students get a KICK out of having an amazing grandmother figure in their class. They enjoy calling them "GRANDMA" and it seems as though they have built a bond with them. This program is truly needed for low income communities such as ours. Having our grandparents on campus is a true BLESSING from above. We love and appreciate them so much!! I love the fact that this program not only motivate and encourage our students and staff but brings life to our retired grandmother. Staying active is one of the keys to a enjoyable life!  ~ Denise

Had an awesome time at the "Foster Grandparents" luncheon last Friday!
Wonderful program in general so helpful to the children in our over worked school systems and gets us "Seniors" out and about interacting and helping.  ~ Colleen

I like the foster grandparent program and the children are wonderful My volunteer coordinators care about me and are very supportive.  ~ Marcella

Ms. Jarrell has been an asset to my classroom. She is willing to help out where needed. She works well with the students she is assigned to and the rest of the class feel comfortable going to her for help when needed. She complies with the assignments that are given for her to work with the students that are assigned to her.  ~ Lillian

I have truly enjoyed my Grand Parent. She is a hard worker and does not hesitate to work with any students that are having difficulty. She encourages the students to do their best and stay focus. All my students love her and call her Grandma. She has been a big asset to my students learning and to me.  ~ Elida

AMAZING! They go above and beyond the call of duty!! They are reliable, willing/able to learn something new, flexible, and always smiling!! The few times they are absent, our children are asking where they are! They make such a difference in the lives of our children knowing there is someone who cares enough to sit with them to read/assist with classwork. Thank you for all you do to support our children!!  ~ Ruthann 

We love our foster grandparents! They have become a part of our school community. It is a pleasure to see them interact with the children and pass great wisdom, encouragement and love to them. The children and the staff miss them when they're not here...  ~ Maureen

I had the pleasure of working with Gladys at Pine Grove Elementary. She was wonderful!!! She assisted within my classroom, not only academically but helped the students going through emotional situations, hardships, clothing, and school supplies. The children loved her and missed her, and asked for her when she was out for training. She not only was my assistant, but became a dear friend. Working with Shana at the Agency was a great experience, she answered any questions I had. She notified us when things were going to be due and stayed on top of all the paper work.  ~ Juanita

Our agency being a participate in the FGP Program has been very beneficial to the children,teachers and our agency.   ~ George


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