Fraud & Scams



The best time to call for help is when you are suspicious, before you give anyone your money.

How can I avoid fraud?

  • Check your bank statements and credit cards carefully. If you see a transaction you do not recognize, report it immediately.
  • Do not leave your wallet, checkbook, bank statements, or other financial information in plain view, especially when you have guests in your home.
  • Never sign anything you do not understand.
  • Do not give anyone your PIN number.
  • Cancel your bank card or credit card immediately if it is stolen.
  • Build good relationships with the professionals who handle your money.


How can I avoid scams?

Learn more about scams at our Scam Prevention and Recovery page.


Where can I learn more about fraud?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has information to help you recognize and report fraud and scams and to prevent fraud and unfair business practices.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has information about common fraud schemes.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service has information about different types of fraud.





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