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Our Volunteers are PRICELESS



Barbara Pembamoto For the past three years, Barbara Pembamoto has served as a board member of Area Agency on Aging of Palm Beach and Treasure Coast. Before that, she worked for the agency as a volunteer and then got hired to manage the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.   Read More
Celso Fernandez Celso Fernandez is a volunteer in Area Agency on Aging's SHINE program. He recently won the WellMed SHINE Volunteer Award during the agency's 26th Annual Prime Time Awards Breakfast for his commitment to helping others.     Read More
Frank Seidman Frank Siedman became a volunteer because he wanted to do something that mattered. He found his cause in providing leadership, support and training to visually impaired individuals of all ages, from kids to seniors. Read More
Gladys Tomlin & Annie Wilson Foster Grandparent Volunteers touch the lives of Many disadvantaged children ~ Leon Fooksman     Read More
Lee Newell Lee Newell volunteers weekly as a Care Buddy, reaching out and helping forgotten seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who are living alone. Read More
Marc Wiskoff Marc Wiskoff is credited for helping to make the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium a pinnacle of astronomical learning.     Read More
Robert D. Miller An unknown person stated, “Volunteers are not paid ~ not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!” It is no doubt that this author was referring to selfless philanthropists like Palm Beach County’s school volunteer, Robert D. Miller, Jr.     Read More
Sheldon (Shelly) Siskin SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) is one of the most vital services provided by Area Agency on Aging (AAA) of Palm Beach and Treasure Coast.     Read More
Sherry Clutter A woman who has demonstrated civic responsibility and is the consummate example of volunteerism.     Read More
Thomas (Tom) Lowell One day, out of the blue, a gentleman came knocking on our door. It was a Saturday and his church has a program called Fourth Saturday Serve where they go out to neighborhoods and bless someone. Well, bless he did!     Read More


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