If you or a loved one have experienced one of these, call and see how the Elder Rights Center can help.



Public Service Announcement


Below is the script of the video for our hearing impaired customers

Have you, your friends, or loved ones had your identity stolen, received calls or emails stating you owe money to the IRS, that you won the lottery or that a grandchild is in jail or had an accident and you need to send money, NOW?

Protect yourself or someone you know. Don’t contribute to the 10 million dollars lost by seniors each year.

Kathy volunteered for the Elder Rights Center. “The ERC has helped over 20 thousand Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast residents over the past 4 years, including me. After getting help from the Elder Rights Center, I felt informed, empowered and RELIEVED.” 

If you have questions or concerns regarding Identity Theft or Scams be wise and get more information.  The Elder Rights Center can help.

We collaborate with county, state, federal, and nonprofit agencies to create a circle of care to assist and protect residents of Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

Call 866-684-5885 and ask for the Elder Rights Center or visit our website



Questions? Need help? Please call (561) 684-5885 and press option 3 to leave a voicemail for our Elder Rights Center. We check our voicemail daily and will respond to you as quickly as possible.


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