After a hurricane, watch out for charity scams!

September 14, 2018

After a hurricane, watch out for charity scams!


After a hurricane or other natural disaster, scammers often try to trick people who want to help into giving money to fake charities. For example, you may see fake victims on social media who ask you to donate to a GoFundMe account or other online fundraiser. No matter how sympathetic the story is, it is best to contribute to a known charity. Do not let scammers take advantage of your generosity!

If you want to help, be sure you give to a legitimate charity with a solid history of helping people in need.


Here are some tips to avoid being caught in a charity scam:

  • Take your time. Scammers try to rush or pressure you into making a donation. Be especially wary of phone calls and emails asking for money.
  • Do your research. Look up the name of the charity on,, or (managed by the Better Business Bureau) to be sure it is legitimate. Find out what percentage of your donation will actually go to the victims.
  • Report scams to the Federal Trade Commission at  


For more information about charity scams, visit

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