Scam Calls on the Rise in Palm Beach County

January 2, 2019

Scam Calls on the Rise in Palm Beach County


The Palm Beach Post recently released an article about the vast number of scam calls targeting people in Palm Beach County, particularly older adults.

“In the 561 area code, scammers and spammers are ringing in the holidays with the dominant share of more than 272 million robocalls so far in 2018, blowing well past 182 million for all of last year, a call-tracking report shows. . . . On average, that’s about 220 calls per person so far this year.” Read more at

One common scam in the spring is the IRS scam. In one variation, the caller or email sender pretends to be from the IRS and threatens that you will go to jail if you do not pay a “past-due tax bill.” They then ask you to wire money or purchase gift cards or pre-paid debit cards. An IRS scammer may also ask you to “verify” your personal information, then use the information you share to open a line of credit or file taxes fraudulently in your name. Even if you have not received an IRS scam call or email, it is a good idea to file your taxes as soon as possible to prevent a scammer from filing a fake return in your name.

See these cybercrime resources for ways to protect yourself and recover after a scam.

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