Stories and Letters 2016

12/24/2016 Our case worker is Ashley Matias in the West Palm office. I have to say that Ashley not only followed up with us but also chased some other people in other departments to make sure that our case received proper attention. I had some questions on some of the forms and she got back to me with support information in a timely manner. Our experience was a good one. Thank you for all your support and help.  ~ James & Barbara
12/22/2016 To Ms. Norma and Ms. Katie
Thank you for being so professional and courteous. The response is always quick and personable. Thank you for your overwhelming love and care for the elderly. You all truly display a Godly heart!  ~ Sylvia
12/21/2016 In spite of her extremely heavy workload Ashley Mattias has been extremely diligent in moving mother's case forward. She has provided detailed information as we go through this most arduous process. I cannot thank her enough.  ~ Terry
12/09/2016 Thanks to Netoshia Duncombe for her guidance and help in this very difficult process. There is no way I could have accomplished this by myself.  ~ Arlene
12/07/2016 Netoshia Howzell-Duncombe is a Medicaid Intake Specialist and I can not praise her enough!! She is AWESOME!!!! Unfortunately my dad has a dementia and I have to deal with many different agencies. Just dialing an agency's number sends shivers through my spine. Usually the person you get is not very helpful and I end up having to be transferred and waiting on the phone. Not with Ms. Howaell-Duncombe she went above and beyond any person in any agency that I have ever spoke with ever. I am so grateful she was there to help us through this trying time and made it a positive experience. Thank you Ms. Howaell-Duncombe  ~ Ira
11/21/2016 I would like to tell you how impressed I am with ms Netoshia Duncombe !She is a true professional! I was fortunate enough to deal with her on my initial call and she was so kind, caring and understanding..she made a very difficult situation much easier. I was again lucky enough to have her be with me the entire process..Netoshia is a true asset to your team! Thank you!  ~ Judy
11/02/2016 My mother's Medicaid Specialist was very helpful and caring (and so was her Superviser). The Specialist took time to return my calls and/or to reply to my emails and she made it a point to answer all of my questions. She called me regularly with any priority questions or updates and she sent me emails as well. She was very knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and dedicated. She understood that I was getting overwhelmed and she truly helped to make the whole process much more manageable. It was a blessing to have their guiding help and I'm truly grateful! Thank you!!  ~ Marlene
10/19/2016 Margaret Williams from the moment we spoke was articulate, professional and I could tell she really wanted to help me. I was very impressed with her genuine style. She responded to all of my emails and followed up as I expressed frustration or asking her a question. She is a great asset to this organization.  ~ Catherine
09/26/2016 Netoshia Howzell-Duncombe was my mothers's case worker and I cant express how much help she has been to get my mother assistance she was in need of. I was at a lost when we had our first conversation and today she informed me my mothers case was approved and what the next step will be. She has been on top of everything and has been in constant communication with me, which you can not find anymore. She is an asset to our organization and a true gem for the public to deal with. Thanks  ~ Beth 
09/23/2016 I'm a Service Coordinator in an affordable housing community for seniors. Gloria, the Medicaid specialist did an excellent job at submitting my resident's paperwork and Medicaid application in a timely manner so that my resident could receive the help she needs as soon as possible.             ~ Jeanine
09/02/2016 My representative, Meghan Matias, was very prompt, courtesy and professional. A++   ~ Suzan
09/02/2016 Since this was my first experience in dealing with programs for my elderly mother, I needed someone who would be patient while helping me through the process. That's when Norma Jones introduced herself over the phone and answered each question with such professionalism and patience. She was my one contact and returned each of my calls(and there were many) without hesitation. She helped me to successfully complete the process and even placed a final call to make sure all went well. Norma is truly an asset to your organization and if I ever get the chance to meet her, I will give her a BIG "thank you" hug. She was excellent and deserves a "pat on the back." Thank you so much Norma for all your assistance.  ~ Anniea
08/30/2016 My experience was a very pleasant and helpful experience. The time and attention and concern was unique. I feel really confident that I will get some kind of help in this process with my mother-in-law. There is hope on the other side of the tunnel. Thanks for you kindness and understanding. Ashley Matias was just awesome!!!!!   ~ Madeline
08/24/2016 Nothing short of exceptional!  ~ Nilsa
08/19/2016 Our case, handled by Ms. Gloria Loyer, was to obtain assistance for my mother. Ms. Loyer was very persistent in her desire to help. Due to my work/study schedule, I did not contact her to tell her that we would not currently qualify for assistance. My mother did not want to give up or spend a small investment account. I am impressed with the excellent service we received. Our situation is going to change soon and we will look into assistance in the future, if possible. Thank you, Sincerely,  ~ Barbara 
08/04/2016 I was pleased with the service received. Agents seemed to work hard to get the help needed. Thank you for your assistance.  ~ Carol Ann
07/29/2016 I wanted to make sure you received my survey for Norma Jones. She is a true professional with high standards with her work ethics. She helped me through the complicated and now uncomplicated process of filing an application with your Elder Care Pgm. to be able to complete the application for J.D. Thank God, Norma is Honest, A Customer Service Related Specialist and a True Asset to your office.
Thanks, some who needed help to assist an applicant.  ~ Judith
07/26/2016 Gloria Loyer, Consumer Services Access Manager - TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I have a blind member on our LTC program. I was notified via Coventry, member was in a SIXT period. Member called DCF and was told, over the phone, her Medicaid was in-tact. Just to ensure the accuracy and avoid mishap (losing Medicaid benefits would have been catastrophic for this member), I contacted Gloria Loyer/AAA. In fact, member's waiver benefits had been closed because of a DCF worker error. Ms. Loyer's assistance exceed my expectations: not only did she contact DCF, but also completed the needed RFA. Her efforts and follow-through ensured continued Medicaid benefits for this member. I have worked with DCF for 20+ years as a Social Worker/Case Manager in Indian River County - and must say, it's seldom to received the type of assistance Ms. Loyer extended... Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Loyer :)  ~ Edie
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