Information Technology

Center of Excellence


The Quality Measures for the Information Technology Center of Excellence for 2018 are available for review.              Quality Measures 2018 - Information Technology COE


The Information Technology Center of Excellence manages the computing infrastructure of the agency. Through technology we are able to serve our community efficiently. Our latest technology upgrade includes a server virtualization platform. It is through this type of technology advancement we are able to cut operating costs. We are proud to work closely with senior management in developing strategies that further the mission of the agency.

IT Center of Excellence provides the agency staff with the tools and services they need so they in turn can provide you with quality information and support for you and your family.

picture of IT staff


Our Center of Excellence is responsible with managing the following

  • Computers
    • Servers
    • Desktops
    • Laptops
  • Network Communications
    • Voice
    • Data
  • Digital Telephone System
  • Network Copiers and Printers
  • Business Applications
  • Website
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