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Please enjoy reading the stories and letters of actual clients that have been helped by our Helpline



Barbara’s Story 

Photo of BarbaraTry to remember how long something has been going on -  3 years? 4 years?  Seems like an eternity.  All of a sudden you have another child to take care of.  Only this one is 90 years old.   In April of 2011 mom gets food poisoning and a rapid decline in her health ensues.   She develops lymphoma and needs therapy three times a week.  How do you get her there when you all work full time?  Her Medicare advantage plan will not cover in home visits.  Your sister tries to handle the brunt of the therapy appointments since her work schedule is more flexible.  Then dementia rears its ugly head.  Mom calls you night and day because she doesn’t know or is no longer able to tell the difference.  Dad had left her with a VA life insurance policy 18 years prior for $10,000 and no savings.   So, you get her nurses for 4 hours a day because that’s all you (and she) can afford.   Only that doesn’t work because she gets out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and falls.  She drags herself to a phone to call for help.  You wake your husband and drive over there.  Help her back into bed.  Plead with her to stay there till the nurse comes in the morning.  You go home and try to get some sleep before you have to get up and go to work.  You decide she really needs around the clock care but you can’t afford it and she doesn’t have the means. Where do you turn for help?  Click here to read more of Barbara's story


Lesley's StoryPhoto of Leslie

My Mom, Dolly, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was 78 years old in 2006. My Dad, who had been very ill, had passed away in 2002. Mom had almost no money after she had paid off my Dad's medical bills. As her disease was progressing it became very clear that she needed to have caregivers in her home. I had to keep on working full time so this was going to be an enormous problem. Mom was not eating correctly. Ice cream had become her favorite meal. She was not bathing appropriately.  She had gotten lost a couple of times when driving to my house and was getting lost in her own community.  Mom had a few fender benders in the parking lot of Publix. Reluctantly, we made a family decision to take the keys to the car away and then finally the car.  That meant Mom was totally dependent on me for all her needs.  I was taking Mom to my house every weekend and running up to her house almost every night.  Our family discussed our options. Click here to read more of Lesley's story


Marlene’s Experience

My mother's Medicaid Specialist was very helpful and caring (and so was her Superviser). The Specialist took time to return my calls and/or to reply to my emails and she made it a point to answer all of my questions. She called me regularly with any priority questions or updates and she sent me emails as well. She was very knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and dedicated. She understood that I was getting overwhelmed and she truly helped to make the whole process much more manageable. It was a blessing to have their guiding help and I'm truly grateful! Thank you!!       


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