Senior Crisis Prevention

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 Many senior citizens go through a crisis in   their lives, an unexpected event for which   there seems no solution.


 One of them was Linda Hunter.


 Linda is 66, a grandmother, and retired from   the Palm Beach County school system. Who   was informed she would need to get out of her   apartment within weeks. There was no room   for negotiating with a new landlord. She and a   9-year-old in her care were on the verge of   becoming homeless.


 “I was so scared,” she said. “I did   volunteer work at a homeless shelter and   feared that I would soon be living there.”


  “The Crisis Prevention Fund was such a   blessing,” Linda said. “I worked my whole   life and raised five kids. Sometimes   unexpected things happen. I’m very   grateful for this assistance. If I didn’t get it,   I would likely have been homeless on the   streets.” 



a refrigerator

an air conditioner

pest extermination

no disruption in utilities

a deposit for an apartment


 Each of these has been a life saver to a senior in our   community.

 Your donation to the Senior Crisis Prevention   Fund could change the course of a senior’s life by   providing a safe living environment, preventing   disease progression, hospital readmission, inpatient   placement or preventing homelessness.

 The purpose of the Senior Crisis Prevention Fund   is to ensure help is available to qualified seniors in   crisis in our local community as a one-time remedy     to avert disaster.

 Please join Founding Funder WellMed Medical   Management and corporate sponsors in supporting   our community seniors in a time of need.




 Donate now Online or fill out the Donation Form


Thank you for your support.

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