Stories and Letters 2018

11/28/2018 I received excellent experience with my contact at your agency in reference to my mother.She was very courtesy in helping me understand the questions. Thank you so very much. I hope your agency will be able to help my mother.  ~ Dewayne  
11/14/2018 The process itself is very time consuming and I understand qualifying for benefits is a stringent process. I worked with my parents along with one of your staff Ms. Marcy Cisneros who was our assigned Medicaid Specialist. Ms. Cisneros has great follow-through and communication was constant so that we were able to stay on top of items needed. She was polite, understanding and most of all communicated many times with us to ensure that we understood what was needed. My mother who is the caretaker for my father and my brother who is the POA had to gather information and Ms. Cisneros worked with all of us to ensure that we submitted the items timely and correctly. She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful to us who were struggling navigating this entire screening/application process. She is to be commended and I would love for her supervisor to know what a valuable staff they have in Ms. Cisneros. I believe her supervisor is Kim Clawson. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  ~ Ramona
11/09/2018 Jakinda Shepard was very helpful in processing the LTC application for my grandmother. I am very grateful for the time and effort she put forth to have the LTC application processed in a timely manner. She has made this whole experience a very pleasant one. Jakinda showed compassion and understanding and for that I greatly appreciate her.
Thanks Jakinda Shepard  ~ Kisha
11/06/2018 Every experience I have ever had with AAA employees, (17years) has always been prompt, courteous, & effective.  ~ Sydney 
10/08/2018 Mary was very helpful and patient with me when I felt discourage with the amount of paper work. She walked me through the process step by step. Thank you.  ~ Sherron
10/02/2018 Mary Arnaldi is just great. compassionate, thorough and caring. Best state agency I have dealt with. Many thanks  ~ Stephen
10/01/2018 I am pleased to write this review about my experience on Friday October 28, 2018. The specialist Ms. Farah Ali was very helpful to me and my daughter. She went above and beyond to give me the name of an outside resource that I could utilize for my daughter who is now disabled. I appreciate Ms Ali very much. I will definitely reach out to others who may be in need of services with your agency. Thank you so much for everything. I am forever grateful.  ~ Venita
09/26/2018 Farah was very friendly and capable. She took me through all the questions with courtesy, clarity, and also carefully noted concerns I had that 'went beyond the formal questionnaire. In sum, she was caring, professional, and helpful  ~ Russell
09/18/2018 My experience is good I have always have answers about my questions  ~ Guadalupe
09/07/2018 I have been working with my parents to get assistance for the assisted living expenses which are costly. The agent Marcy with your organization has been patient and understanding the difficulties families face when trying to obtain and submit documentation requests. This is our first time dealing with so many systems/agencies in obtaining this information. I understand she is here to help and provide guidance. She has done so and provides excellent customer service.  ~ Ramona
08/08/2018 I would be total lost without the help of Mary. I believe she was sent by God to help the helpless and she help with such grace you can see that her heart is in it. Thank you guys for the great work you are doing  ~ Doreen
07/26/2018 My Specialist was Ana Lugo, she was very knowledgeable and and related to me all my questions that I jotted down before I called. She made me very relaxed because she was so easy to talk to. I was calling because my aunt is in a Memory Care unit with Dementia. I'm her only caretaker and it has been very hard. It was a pleasure to have someone like Ana to relieve a little bit of stress with her compassion.  ~ Patricia
07/24/2018 I had questions about my dad who lives in another city. My dad and I have had an on again off again relationship since I was 16. I had no relationship with him before then. He raised to step children who he treated as his own. They are now adults and have nothing to do with him. My dad is now 85 years old and is unable to take care of himself. I have no idea of what I can do to help. I do want to help him as much as I am able. Ana was very helpful in giving me some ideas of what could be done. She was so patient! I can tell she was very caring. I need all the help I can get in this situation. Thanks Ana!  ~ Cathy
07/24/2018 Your agent Miss Febianne T was very kind and patient with me, and helped me very much, Took a load of worry off my back, thank you Febianne and thank you Area Agency on Aging- Resource Center Palm Beach  ~ Gary
07/20/2018 I have been working with Ana Lugo and she has been wonderful with explaining how the system works. She is definitely a gracious asset to your company. Although this is a very trying experience her patience speaks volume during these difficult times.  ~ Clark
06/06/2018 Olga has been very kind and knowledgeable to work with. She was prompt and informative . I truly appreciate all her help.  ~ Hope
05/09/2018 Ana was extremely helpful and understanding. Thank you for helping me through a stressful situation.  ~ Darlene
05/07/2018 I was provided resources and modes of contact to address safety concerns for a relative who currently resides in assisted living, has motor and memory deficits, but is still operating a motor vehicle. The family is satisfied that we were directed to a department who will evaluate and address our concerns which is inclusive of our family member's medical team.  ~ Mary Beth
02/23/2018 This was a difficult a time for my sister and I, but Jakinda Shephard was warm, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Jakinda took the time and explained all the steps, and walked us through the Medicaid process to help our mom; we can't thank her enough! Thank you for your service to the community!  ~ Meryl
02/14/2018 I have been working with Mary on getting information for my mother. She has been really informative and responsive to all my questions. She answers my calls and follows up with me whenever needed. I am really happy with the service that I received.  ~ Sharon
01/18/2018 I can’t say enough about the help, support, and understanding we received from Mary Arnaldi and Mary K. Their patience, insight, and incredible kindness in helping us identify the services my Mom needs and leading us through the sometimes confusing steps-with Mom in Florida and me 600 miles away and trying to help remotely-was just invaluable. Both my Mom and I feel like an incredible burden has been lifted from our shoulders and we can breathe again! We are beyond grateful!  ~ Rhonda


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