Stories and Letters 2019

01/08/2019 I have an excellent experience. I have found Mary Luz to be professional, courteous and supportive. She answers all of my questions and takes her time. It has been a great experience.  ~ Nicoletta
01/17/2019 Amy was very pleasant and helpful. She got Alpha windows ,Monique to say they will be here on Monday the 21 of Jan to finish the job. This has taken Alpha almost two years..We will see how the do. Thank you Amy  ~ Harvey 
01/24/2019 It’s a pleasure to speak to Jakinda makes things easy and simple to understand.  ~ Raymond
02/04/2019 I called the Help Line, everyone jumped in to help. Hazel, then Kia, and now Saintanise. I have used AAA on many occasions, with many cases over the years. They give me great assistance even with my difficult cases here in the Glades. I am always thankful for this group. Together, we can usually find an answer.  ~ Jelena
02/25/2019 Ana was very helpful at turning something that isn't much fun into an experience that wasn't so bad.  ~ William
03/05/2019 I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with AAA in Palm Beach/Treasure Coast Inc. Everyone I have come in contact with at this agency has been polite, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Margaret Williams is a pleasure to work with. She is a great listener and very patient and kind. I am very happy and appreciative to have come in contact with everyone whom I have worked with there. So thankful for the knowledge the employees have that work at the agency.  ~ Susan
03/13/2019 Jakinda Shepard was so kind and patient through the entire process of registering my Mother for Medicaid. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She made a very difficult time much easier. Thank you, Jakinda!  ~ Sherry
03/13/2019 Excellent service - prompt, knowledgeable and efficient.
Thank you!  ~ Kristen
03/21/2019 Ana was very helpful in guiding me through the process to place my Mother-in-Law into a Assisted Living Place . She spent a lot of time explaining how Medicaid works . I never felt rushed. She was very patient with my husband and I. We did ask her a lot of questions. She also e-mailed me more information to read up on. You are very blessed to have her working for you. Thank you!  ~ Kim 
04/02/2019 The work of the agency is critical to so many who need help and have nowhere else to turn. The centers of excellence along with the staff and volunteers who work delivering those services do great work. My experience has always been that the agency is committed to maintaining excellence and providing the highest quality of services given the limitations of its charter and funding capabilities.  ~ Scott
04/09/2019 Area Agency on Aging is a valued partner for Senior Resource Association with a genuine interest in improving the lives of Indian River County's seniors, their families, and the community as a whole.  ~ Shawna
04/09/2019 Abigail Reyes is very nice person and very helpful   ~ Johana
04/15/2019 I am working with Farah Ali from the WPB Area Agency on Aging office trying to get services for my aging adult brother with disabilities, I am dealing with doctors, doctor offices, hospitals, and Farah has been the most professional and compassionate person I have dealt with through this process. Her dependability, through follow up and attention to detail has surpassed all others in this process. I work two jobs, and have little time to make phone calls over and over. Our family is so greatful for her help and understanding. We are still in the process of obtaining the needed services but just wanted to thank your agency for positioning such a professional to help families struggling with the tremendous challenges such as ours.
Sincerely,  Ann Marie 
04/15/2019 Clear, patient, very patient.  ~ JoAnne
05/06/2019 Jakinda's support and follow up was outstanding. She kept me advised of the status of issues regarding my mother in law and offered her assistance to help.
She is an excellent representative of your organization   ~ Gary
05/09/2019 I have been enthralled and a fan of ADRC for over 20 years--when I first got into the senior living/geriatric health care industry and learned of its existence. The amazing programs and services it provides the deserving residents of Florida who would otherwise be without its guidance and resources are all made possible by this organization and its unwavering team of people who show up there every day to make it all possible. I tell everyone every day, and have for as long as I can remember, to make 561 684-5885 the first number they dial when they need help and don't know who else to call. The people on the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council are all outstanding in their own jobs--and then donate their time and efforts to help make ADRC a beacon of light to those in need. I'm proud of each and every one.  ~ Carole
05/14/2019 Rosa Bruno was excellent and very professional. She answered all my questions and concerns. However, not only did she answer me in fast courteous way, she did exactly what she said she would do and she emailed to DCF the information that was needed to complete the Medicaid file for my client. She is a super nice lady.  ~ Brigitte
05/16/2019 Farah Ali - Professional, patient, knowledgeable and kind.  ~ JoAnne
06/17/2019 Farah Ali is the most quintessential definition on every level of some one you would be lucky enough to know anytime in life. Had I not had the fortune to reach her on the telephone when I did I am sure I would still be chasing my tail. Farah saved my neighbor for whom I am POA of from continued and steady descent into financial devastation. Taking into account the above comments this woman is humble. Farah actually gave me the credit for all MY hard work? When do you hear that? She actually sent me an additional email to let me know the best day to fill out the form. That has never been my experience with a civil service worker and sadder few others as well.
Thank you state and I am requesting she be cloned to any state job that answers a telephone.
Thank you Farah and God bless you and your family. 
 ~ Jo Anne
06/24/2019 Mary Arnaldi gave me exceptional support for my mother Christa, and continues to help answer questions about a process that is very new to both my mother and me. Thank you!  ~ Edith
06/28/2019 Jakinda was exceptionally responsive and courteous!  ~ Karen 
07/08/2019 I was very distraught the first time I spoke with Mrs. Margaret Williams. My mom's leg was amputated in 1/23/2019 and it was devastating because we had nowhere to turn. She guided me through the process and answered all of our questions and concerns. I am so please with her and the service she provides for this community and this population.  ~ Karla
07/18/2019 I can truly say that Area Agency on Aging in Palm Beach, if possible, should be the point of entry in the State of Florida, for the SMMC LTC program. The Agency makes it soo easy for families to apply for benefits and the staff are well trained and very professional. Please continue to do a great job!  ~ Erta
08/07/2019 Excellent Customer Service  ~ Kimberly
08/27/2019 Kudos to Jakinda Shepard for being so kind through this process. I found her to be extremely informative helping me through this difficult time.  ~ Joan
09/27/2019 After receiving various notifications/options regarding healthcare coverage and changes from different agencies. I was feeling overwhelmed, A person from the SSA recommended I contact the Shine Agency where I spoke to a referral specialist Bricia Aguilar from ADRC. She was knowledgeable, patient, and reasurreing. She set up appointments and advised me on next steps. I cannot tell you how much she helped me and already I am feeling less stressed. Thank you  ~ Valerie
10/08/2019 Very helpful and professional.  ~ Jean
10/16/2019 I can't express how awesome I was taken care of, Mary Luz Rivera was fantastic! She made things easy for me I was worried about getting things done with my busy life! Debbie Sanchez met me at my fathers assisted living and was so helpful and kind I couldn't be any happier with the service.  ~ Alicia
10/24/2019 I appreciate the timely manner my mother’s Medicaid information was sent to us. After filling out the paperwork Saintanise Eloisin kept in contact to ensure I had all info required turned in to her office. She helped make the process a smooth one. Knowing that my mother’s Medicaid will be taken care of is very important to her and our family.
Sincerely  ~ Saundra
11/15/2019 Professional and top-notch advocate for all!! I feel humbled with the incredible assistance and support I have recieved.  ~ Leisa
11/26/2019 MARGARET was responsive, kind, and informative.  ~ Julie
12/20/2019 Our interview with Mary Luz Rivera went extremely well. Ms. Rivera was very professional and patient to repeat questions if I asked. It was a pleasure talking with her and she was very helpful.  ~  Cathy
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