Stories and Letters 2020

01/18/2020 My experience with the Aging and Disability Resource Center was exceptional, primarily because of the assistance I received from Medicaid Specialist, Bibiana Calvo. She assisted me through the process of applying for Medicaid and Long Term Care for my sister. I had reached out to many different agencies and individuals before being referred to the Aging and Disability Resource Center. I am so grateful for the time, attention, caring, and knowledge I received from Bibiana. She was consistently helpful and patient, answering all of my questions, providing me with direction and additional information when necessary, and submitting all necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently. I would like to personally thank Bibiana and the agency.  ~ Lesli 
02/06/2020 When going through a process like this, it can be emotional and overwhelming. But thanks to people like Abigail and Bibi, they made us feel at ease. They were both extremely helpful and professional. Thank you for having this talent on your team.  ~ Terry
02/17/2020 Amy Enoicy, the Medicaid Specialist who worked with us regarding mom's Medicaid application, is the most professional and knowledgeable person I have encountered in this overwhelming process. She was kind and considerate and most importantly, responsive to all our questions. The application process is complex but she provided guidance every step of the way. Mom received notification that she was approved! We could not have done this without her. Thank you very much to Amy and her department's supervisor who provides additional guidance and expertise.   ~ Marie
02/23/2020 I had a great meeting , It was very informative, everyone was very welcoming.  ~ Sherrill
03/12/2020 Ms. Madera was very professional, empathetic and informative. The demands of caregiving are daunting and isolating, so to reach out, be heard and given some hope is lifesaving. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss the specifics of my Mom's deteriorating health and programs she may qualify for to help her stay at home safely. It is not easy task to ask for help, and to provide all relevant details, documentation, and follow up built into the process. No rest for the weary, but now I am more hopeful after the intake appointment.  ~ Nydia
03/23/2020 It was very good  ~ Rachelle
03/27/2020 Rose was very polite and patient with me. Very helpful on all counts.  ~ Rosemary
04/01/2020 Informative, courteous   ~ James
04/06/2020 Ms. Williams was very professional and courteous. She showed a lot of patience and compassion for my issue with my mother. Unfortunately my mother has Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as Parkinson’s so her day to day care is becoming more difficult for me as her only caregiver. I appreciated her offer to help should I need it with the application. I am happy to continue this working relationship with Ms Williams. Consider her an asset to your organization.  ~ Susan
04/06/2020 Excellent experience!  ~ William R
04/07/2020 Mildred was patient and professional  ~ Lisa
04/10/2020 ADRC offers a wealth of resources to Seniors. I work with Seniors and their families, and have called many times for guidance and clarification. I recommend ADRC to families on a regular basis. ADRC is a life saver in so many ways to seniors and their families.  ~ Jodi
04/10/2020 My intake phone call interview was very kind and detailed also very thorough, I appreciate very much your services. Thank you very much.  ~ Norma
04/14/2020 Representative was outstanding!  ~ Migdalia
04/20/2020 A phone call. Just 1 phone call. A phone call I did not want to make. A phone call that for me was admitting that I'd needed help. But that phone call brought to me undeniable help I could not imagine.For 5 years I've been so grateful for everything that phone call has helped me with. And now, I'm frightened and scared again. due to the present situation, maybe more so. I may have more to lose now. But that 1 phone call was a game changer. Thank you,  ~ Helen
04/20/2020 Very professional and helpful phone call.  ~ Nita
04/21/2020 The representative, Ms. Gilbert, could not have been a better source for me to report the current worsening physical and mental conditions of my husband that I witness every day. As an educator for decades, I believe that multiple choice answers to probing questions do not satisfactorily cover the depth of such conditions. However, Ms. Gilbert allowed me enough time thereafter to answer each question with full explanations and observations about my husband as well as to explain my stress and frustration that cause two lives to be upended. She was always thorough, helpful and organized. At the end I was extremely relieved that she fully understood the daily events throughout each day and made me feel comfortable about sharing my concerns with her.  ~ Joan
04/22/2020 Ms. Williams was very professional yet made the whole application experience pleasant. That is quite an achievement.  ~ Marvin
04/22/2020 very good excelente servicio gracias  ~ Fabio
04/23/2020 The ADRC has always been a valuable resource to Comfort Keepers and all our clients and those in need in our community. Cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work and dedication. It is greatly appreciated!  ~ Bill
04/24/2020 I was contacted by Miss Margaret Williams. She explained the program wonderfully and proceeded to go through the questions, throughout the questioning she made sure I understood what she was asking and the contact of her question which I really appreciate it. She spoke clearly concisely and was very professional yet compassionate and understanding it was a pleasure to speak with her and I think all of you on the front lines providing the services at such a difficult time in our nation. Thank you  ~ Andrea
04/27/2020 I want to thank Amy Enoicy for the excellent service she provided helping our family to obtain info for medicaid.It is greatly appreciated. She was both professional and patience with all our questions. Thank you Amy,  ~ Gladys
05/01/2020 From day one I contacted the office, everyone has been so nice and professional. Ms. Bibi Calvo helped me out from beginning to end and I must say she has been nothing but amazing. She was there to answer all my questions and never made me feel inadequate for asking her things I should have known. May God bless her and the rest of the staff!  ~ Silvia
05/12/2020 Trinea Martin was very helpful and and understanding. She listened to what I had to say and help me understand my needs.  ~ Fabienne
05/12/2020 I had a very positive experience with Trinea Martin. She was polite and friendly while maintaining a professional tone.  ~ Kara
05/14/2020 Mildred was professional, had to ask difficult questions, from both Richard and myself, however keeping it quite comfortable to answer and explain any of the information required  ~ Kathryn
05/20/2020 My experience was really nice. I havent done this before, so its new to me. Trinea was really kind and understanding, to the point and explained things when I didn't understand. I appreciated her kindness.  ~ Jacqueline
06/08/2020 Todo bien - Personas muy amabies  ~ Otniel
06/09/2020 I had the pleasure of completing an assessment for a client with Trinea Martin. She was professional, polite and a pleasure to work with. Many thanks!  Marlene Lieberman, MSW, NHA, CSA, CMC, Care Manager 
06/16/2020 Mildred Gilbert was great... She made the process so much easy to complete the assessment.  ~ Elbert



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