"As a millennial it is a pleasure working for this agency.  Knowing that I serve an underserved population with kindness and compassion is greatly satisfying.  I am very thankful to be a millennial who is touching the lives of those who paved the way for me."

-Ivette Lopez
Benefits Enrollment Coordinator




"I am grateful and proud to be employed with the AAA. The very moment I heard of the Agency, I was informed “We have VALUES”. One year later I am here to testify, “YES WE DO”!

                Humility              Gratitude (Appreciation)             Respect                Responsibility

These Values are displayed and upheld by our leadership team, and expected from all staff members, volunteers and inspired by those we serve throughout the communities.

I am impressed and amazed to learn that our Agency provides resources that help seniors, disabled adults and their caregivers with valued resource services needed to sustain daily living. Our Centers of Excellence provide patience and guidance for a variety of situations including: the Resource “HELPLINE”,  Crimes against the elderly, health insurance needs, Healthy Living programs and incentives, nutrition education and meals, transportation, Caregiver training, respite care and a host of like services. We provide assistance for qualifying and obtaining these beneficial services. We also train senior volunteers so they may give back to the community by mentoring children in our school systems and by helping other seniors stay active, productive and connected.

I wish my siblings and I would have known about the AAA when called to care for our aging parents as we became very “burnt out” after several years of caregiving. I believe we would have had a more rewarding and uplifting experience had we been supported by the resources available through AAA."

- Angie Peacock
Foster Grandparent Volunteer Coordiantor 



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